It Was A Wonderful "mistake" that Matched Us Together

I was a seasonal dater who used online dating sites on and off for nearly 4 years and yes, I have tried many different sites and got a few dates but none of them finally worked out for me. Then as always I moved on to find a new dating site. This time I decided to try a site that is designed for older singles like myself, say singles in their sixties and above. I searched on google for over 60 dating sites and finally signed up with singlesover60.

At the time when I signed up, I was visiting my daughter and lived there for about one month. My daughter's home is 400 miles from where I currently live. Like always, I would like to meet someone not far from my location. Since I signed up from my daughter's place and I forgot to change the location in my profile when I came back. The site continued to send me members that were in my daughter's area. When I realized that, I singed in to update my profile. I also checked some of the profiles that I plan to delete since they are somewhat far from my current location.

Just then, one of the profiles caught my eye. The gentle man looked really cool in his profile photos. It was the one that he rode a motorbike I liked so much, looked much younger than the age showed in his profile. Then I checked out his detailed profile and I can feel the sense of humor through what he wrote. And I found that we both liked outdoors. Only one thing that he lived in my daughter's area which was far away. I was stuck there for quite a while and saved his profile anyway. In those two days, I keep thinking of the guy and I finally decide to get in touch. I didn't get his response at once. About a week later, I heard back from him knowing that he went a trip and just got back. It started from there and we keep exchange emails back and forth, the more we communicated the more we felt that we should meet.

Then it happened, he traveled to my place and then we went back together to his area again. Now he decides to move to my place to be with me. I am so excited and I may be thankful for that mistake I have made. If I limit the match within my local area from the beginning, I would definitely miss such an amazing guy.

Advice to other members: Don't limit your choice. Sometimes you should be brave enough to make the step to find that perfect match for you.