Single Women Over 60 – Your Choice To Be Single or Not

"I hate being single and it is awful to be alone at home, going everywhere by yourself, doing everything all alone. I am so ready to meet someone that I can share my life with at this stage of life."

"Why bother to seek someone while I am so happy to be single? I married for 32 years and being single for almost 5 years since my divorce. I like the freedom that the single life has brought to me. I feel that the best is yet to come in my 60's."

As you can see these are 2 kinds of totally different feedback from 2 women who are both in their 60's. Why their attitude toward dating in their sixties so different from each other? Actually it is easy to understand. We all know that personality vary from people to people, it is no wonder that their attitude shows such big difference. And this is why we call it your choice to single or not.

If you are really happy to be single over the age of sixty, then you don't need to push yourself to seek someone to be with you. You don't have to mind what other singles around you think about. Just be yourself and happily single if you do like this kind of lifestyle. They may appreciate the freedom that single life have brought to them.

However, most of people in their 60's and above would really appreciate someone they love to share their life with. At this stage of life, most of them are retired at home. Their children have grown up and left home. Most of them may feel lonely day after day. Deep in heart, they still need someone to love them like in their younger ages. The companionship would play a big part in their life. Once they have found that ideal match for them, they don't have to sit home alone, go any where alone. These kind of people need that special half to perfect their life. Just listen to your heart and follow it. Love is a wonderful thing at any age. Don't hide your feeling because of your age. You deserve someone to cherish you no matter what your age is.

If you are this kind of majority people, then just go for it. Be brave and make your choice not to be single in your 60's.